Knowledge Architect/Reference/Collaboration/Applications

Configuration Dependency
Applications cannot directly manage information and knowledge access control as they then become dependent of a content structure and security configuration. Any change to the structure of information or to the security configuration implies that the applications need to be modified, a serious and costly prospect that will also take the system off-line for an often uncontrollable amount of time. A more structured and generalized information processing approach is required.

Entitlement Services
Ensuring that each information request is provided access to all and only the entitled information, in any given context, entitlement sub-processes, typically provided as entitlement services, are required and they are required to determine what content is applicable for any request. The information access control granularity is also required to be unlimited.

These are strong knowledge architecture requirements that only a generalized and recursive information and knowledge resource model and architecture presented here, can support adequate entitlement and information security, through the various business processes. Without entitlement management, business architecture and processes can only be approximated and can never be fully managed, and structured.