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Information and Knowledge Sharing

Collaboration Productivity
Collaboration is our greatest productivity tool. In a networked and IT environment, collaboration has few natural boundaries and can be scaled to increasing levels and areas. This can further enhance the derived productivity, with major impacts on economies and quality of life and production.

Security and Privacy Constraints
Collaboration is based on information, knowledge, and resource sharing. Yet, usually, sharing is not giving and security and privacy constraints challenge and limit collaboration and its associated productivity. These constraints take many forms and impact in many ways but the the menu options in this section lead to sections that consider some of the key implications.

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Collaboration Value
Considering knowledge sharing security and privacy constraints implications, as presented in the menu option sections, the value of collaboration is the value of the productivity gains that it provides which can be estimated as directly proportional to the following formula, where if any of the key factors nears zero, so does the whole equation.

Collaboration Value Equation
Collaboration Value ==> (information value) * (identification quality) * (classification quality) * (entitlement) * (purpose) * (communicability) * (rendering) * (delivery)

Entitlement is especially important as not only does it ensure information and knowledge security, privacy, access control, and tracking, as well as provide and justify trust levels that potential collaborators require in order even to contribute, not only does it provide a more efficient and better structured collaboration platform infrastructure, but it also allows higher valued information and knowledge to be shared, increasing by orders of magnitude, the potential derived productivity and value.

Entitled Collaboration
From the evidence and considerations, it seems clear that collaboration and its productivity potential cannot be achieved without integrating resource and entitlement management at the root of the collaboration infrastructure.

Entitled Business
More than just collaboration, business architecture, governance, and process management, especially in large distributed environments, also require managing security and privacy. Storage, system, and application security are required, but more specifically and often less obviously, as they are being used and shared throughout business processes and activities, business information and knowledge require entitlement to provide adequate security and privacy.

Entitlement Standards
With adequate information and knowledge architecture, entitlement can be efficiently implemented. Still, collaboration and sharing are about connectivity which depends on compatibility. To better support entitlement interoperability, an integrated set of standards specifications is required and more information about efforts to achieve them are available on the web site.