Knowledge Architect/Operation/Modeling/Process

Conceptual Modeling Process Cycles

Modeling is a natural cyclic process that typically starts in human minds, where mental models are being inferred (e.g. learned) from the consideration of different views of some piece of reality (e.g. knowledge resource), to be subsequently projected to artifact views, on paper, for example, or in the sand, or more frequently today, as input notation into computer-based modeling systems.

The main objective of using computing systems is to have these computing tools contribute, along with human minds, in subsequent modeling cycles.

For each modeling cycle, both in minds and systems, modeled resources are inferred (e.g. learned) from rendered views, allowing the inferred models to be projected to more rendered views, which can than be used to initiate further modeling cycles, in minds, in systems, or in both.

For each rendered view, various notation forms and characteristics can be used, as long as they can be used for further cycles (e.g. in minds, systems, or both).