Knowledge Architect/Basics/Structure/Context Rules

Context Rules

Embedded in resource qualities, context-aware rules, or context rules, are dynamically executable rules that can refer directly to all resources that may be in the context of the parent quality, including all containing, contained, as well as all directly or indirectly related resources and qualities.

Context-aware rules can access, reference, query, search, and instantiate all context items, as required, and as entitled (See Entitlement, below).

Not only do quality embedded context-aware rules structure resources, support constraints, computation, key indicators (KIs), entitlement (See Entitlement, below), and behaviors, but they also distribute awareness, intelligence, strategy, policies, and governance to applicable contexts and granularity levels.

Context-aware rule-sequence qualities are key to knowledge architecture and their effective system-based representation and management is key to effective computing system operation, as well as to managing their complexity.