Knowledge Architect/Application/DNAOS


More specifically, the DNAOS REMMS technology framework is being integrated with virtual world frameworks like OpenWonderland, initially developed by Sun Microsystems and later offered to the open-source community, as well as with other virtual world frameworks (ex: OpenSimulator, Unity3D, WebGL/html5, as the virtual world platform field is evolving rapidly, and definite standards still have to be set.

More deeply and conceptually, effective knowledge sharing environments are much more than just support technology, starting with the fact that effective knowledge resources need to be effectively defined, modeled, and integrated into 3D interactive animated social networking virtual environments.

There are many issues, but the main keys to resolving them are rooted in the encompassing metaphor, as this metaphor can provide the integration semantics for all modeled knowledge resources, in relation to each other, as well as in relation to the global environment, purpose, and application.

Researched and developed over a number of decades already, the Cosmos Square project and metaphor provide such a conceptual foundation, and justify the required technological framework integration. Without going into details, in this overview, the Cosmos Square design metaphor specifically structures and integrates knowledge resource models, whether they map to physical or conceptual reality elements, in such a way as to support 3D-navigation-based access to resources, in addition to more traditional indexes, TOCs, menus, queries, and searches, allowing users to literally navigate knowledge in 3D.