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Published Document Acccess

Access to the assembled or integrated documents content is first a function of the publishing media, as currently, publishing to a broadcast media, including paper, and streaming media like video, audio, CD, DVD Blu-Ray, etc.. only supports perimeter access control on the whole document and any resource allowed across the perimeter can access the whole document, in addition to having the potential option of duplicating and republishing the document.

On the other hand, interactive document and document section access can remain under access control.

In a more entitlement-aware world, it may be possible, for example, to keep all document content encrypted, requiring entitlement-based applications to dynamically decrypt entitled sections, as required.

Standards-based classifications would probably also be encrypted and attached to documents, for entitled applications to manage.

In such an entitlement-aware “world”, “open” documents that are the norm today would simply have a “open” or “free” default classification settings, affecting all sections.

The main goal and advantage, for entitlement-aware documents, is in making restricted or valuable content accessible to entitled resources, through an open, universal, sharing environment.

This, of course, would also enable the development of richer knowledge-based applications, collaboration, and an effective knowledge-based economy, able to sustain current and future generations.