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Knowlwdge from a general viewpoint
Definition [A]

While this all-encompassing knowledge definition seems logical and true, it does not provide much clue as to what is knowing? What or who can know? How does space-time impact knowing? Let alone provide a solid reference as to what knowledge is, where does it come from, and how does it operate? So let’s consider further.

As humans, we probably all have an intuitive understanding of knowledge. In fact, we think and learn all through our lives, as individuals, and as groups.

Along with its own knowledge, each group member also shares knowledge with other group members. Knowledge can be shared in different ways, typically either intuitively through shared experiences, or more "intellectually" through communication, as briefly considered eventually here.

Knowledge is intuitive. Every entity, including humans, seems to have very powerful built-in knowledge decoders and processors. Knowledge has been with us humans as far back as one can delve.

Considering other species, animal or vegetable, we find that they also all have and gather knowledge, each at its own level and context. At least from the origin of its specie, everything apparently learns and adapts.

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