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What is Resource Orchestration?

  • Orchestration is behavior coordination
  • Relations define and manage behavior, typically requiring orchestration
  • Each relation is responsible for orchestrating its related activities
  • Relations define and manage the behavior of their contributing resources (ex: subjects)
  • Orchestration is a relational quality that can be as simple as triggering or sequencing conditions, but often involves more complex coordination.
  • While orchestration is typically managed directly by the corresponding relation, more elaborate orchestration can be delegated to dedicated orchestrators (e.g. orchestration resources)
  • Orchestration typically uses condition-based and/or time-based work-flow and behavior synchronization, sequencing, parallelization, triggering, and validation
  • Work-flow and behavior validation includes milestones and approval stages
  • Processes are compound relations that orchestrate their sub-processes
  • Services (e.g. SOA) are processes characterized by service interfaces