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What Are Context-Rules and How Do They Relate To Policies?

  • Rules are executable instruction strings that typically define conditions, compute values, define capabilities, trigger behavior
  • Resource quality rules can access the complete resource context, according to entitlement
  • Context is defined by the current resource, all related resource, and the complete work-flow context
  • Context-aware resource-quality rules are also commonly used for access control, dynamic key indicators, context evaluation, constrain, activate and control behavior, layout and publish processing, queries, conditions, and constraints
  • Entitlement related context rules define resource capabilities, and enable behavior
  • Governance is exercised by implementing and controling policies through context-aware resource-quality rules
  • Architecture is a governance support art and science, used to structure and model resources, rules, and processes
  • Executable governance requires effective information models, dynamic (key) indicators, rules and policies, as well as unlimited recursive control granularity