Knowledge Architect/Foreword

Knowledge Architecture

This section introduces the site/document content by briefly summarizing its purpose, business, context, objectives, and structure.

Summary is an introduction document, in web site form, on Knowledge Architecture. After some general considerations, the document introduces a list of logical foundation patterns and principles. From this list, the document then considers implications, constraints, requirements, and issues, in business, modeling, information security, management, and related tools. The document then proposes a knowledge architecture approach and a corresponding framework architecture to entitle, model, manage, and share information and knowledge resources.

Knowledge and Information
As defined in the included glossary of knowledge architecture related terms, information is the prime knowledge tool and support, but knowledge is more than just information as it includes structures and relations that make information useful. Understanding and managing the information, structures, relations, correlations, patterns, and principles, is the heart and essence of knowledge architecture, and it is key to our effective management of our world.

Information Technology
Information Technology (IT) is our main automation and management tool and it requires solid knowledge architecture foundations. These foundations may not have been fully accessible, for both understanding, and technology constraints, but those constraints are fading rapidly and it is time to better align our understanding and technologies. This document is a piece of work in that direction.

As is typical throughout the document/site, the logic flow follows the order of the titles in the menus and it is recommended, at least initially, to follow them in sequence. As usual, feedback is appreciated.