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Knowlwdge from a summary viewpoint
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Seemingly theoretical, more specifically defining and understanding what knowledge is and how it operates, its nature, structure, and principles, seems especially enabling since knowledge is so crucial to our operation.

At the turn of the millennium, and since then, "01 COMMUNICATIONS INC." designed the "DNAOS" platform where a streaming-content parallel-processing pipeline infrastructure supports AI-driven knowledge resource entitlement, modeling, management, and sharing (KREMMS), as well as currently over 4000 applications, sites and portals, including from the strategy plans of thousands of major organizations (StratML Portal).

DNAOS Plateform
DNAOS Platform

Also referring to this work, for almost 15 years already, citizens have been coherently providing and gathering proposals for a society that ensures the blossoming of generations in sustained prosperity and solidarity, through a formal standards and citizen -based, strategy and performance report plan that, among other things, lays out a path and strategy to effectively enable the knowledge economy required to replace the saturated and failing industrial economy.

The proposed approach applies worldwide and is to be implemented country by country. A version of the plan more specifically adapted to Quebec, is available at:

From this experience, processing information instead of knowledge seems highly inefficient. Not only is knowledge resource processing much more natural, logical, accurate, and efficient, not only applications can now be developed to effectively manage knowledge resources, and this while remaining much more independent from specific data formats, the built-in very fine security control that knowledge resource processing enables, opens the door to a new renewable knowledge-economy supporting and interacting with humans, for generations.

Understanding that knowledge is “the structure of reality”, may seem theoretical at first, but reality may not be so theoretical after all, and better understanding the natural knowledge architecture, seems key to effectively designing better systems, environments, vehicles, buildings, operations, economy, society, and planet.

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