Some Basic Knowledge Architecture Patterns and principles

  • A resource is a quality collection
  • A quality is an integrated property set
  • A property is an identifier and an atomic value
  • An atomic value is any atomic information, e.g. string, uri, identifier, numeric, real, integer, binary, boolean, anyAtomicType, rule/query string, tokenizable string, regular expression, work-flow pattern
  • Identification is a resource quality used to uniquely identify a resource
  • Classification is a resource quality used to select applicable (e.g. defining) meta-data
  • Meta-data is a resource type used to define structure, constraints, bindings, semantics for other resources
  • Relations are resources that also define and qualify associations between other resources
  • Entitlement is a relation type defining access and accessibility rights and conditions
  • Processes are relations that orchestrate the behavior and contributions of associated resources
  • Services are processes with declared service interfaces
  • Determined by entitlement, capability is what a resource can do to a resource (e.g. self or other)
  • Behavior is the effective execise of a capability, in whole or in part