Knowledge Architecture Operations

Integrated Distributed Knowledge Architecture Operation Paradigm
Satisfying the requirements expressed in previous sections, including in "Requirements", and integrating the other logical layers presented in this section, knowledge architecture operations are designed to support the definition, input, management, and sharing of models, as well as the projection of those models, through definable viewpoints, perspectives, and notations, onto views that can be used to build and define further models, as well also as manage model instantiation, execution, and governance, into sharable, running, and orchestrated knowledge applications.

More specifically, assuming and based on considerations expressed throughout this Knowledge Architecture document, this section presents functional and implementation guidelines for integrated distributed knowledge architecture operation tools.

Functional guidelines focus on listing and describing the main basic functional operations and operational components.

Implementation guidelines focus on listing and describing practical implementation considerations.

As is typical throughout the document/site, the logic flow follows the order of the titles in the menus and we recommend, at least initially, following them in sequence. As usual, feedback is appreciated.