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Knowlwdge from a natural viewpoint
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Logically, evolution is all about learning and building on what already exists and is known. Evolution is impossible without knowledge and its memorization, as it is based on a progressive organization principle where new or evolved entities derive from the knowledge and experience of prior entities. As evolution is a very old and fundamental process, knowledge had to exist and develop at least for as long. Hence:

As a natural cosmic phenomenon, and like all natural phenomena (light, evolution, entropy), knowledge is based on universal logic principles. Understanding those principles can be enlightening, as well as help humans develop a better intellectual understanding of knowledge, complementing their intuition.

This intellectual understanding of knowledge and of our intuition for it, is prerequisite for anyone hoping to enable computers to understand and process knowledge.

As an analogy, one can remember that humans have had dreams and intuition abouit flying, probably since their beginnings. Looking at birds and insects, trying to imitate them, many tried to fly, all through the ages, with much suffering undoubtedly. It was only when better intellectually understanding the implied natural phenomena like propulsion, aerodynamics, fluids, materials, etc. that humans began to fly, and today, they can fly to Mars, with no wings ...

Understanding Natural Phenomena
Understanding Natural Phenomena

The implications here are profound. Especially considering the fact that thinking is processing knowledge, and intelligence is the ability to think effectively, hence to process knowledge.

Yet, before further considering some implications, let’s consider a somewhat more functional definition of knowledge.

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