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Problem Solving

Whatever the technical implementation details, it is clear, especially from evolution, that knowledge is part of the fabric of the universe and Cosmos.

It also seems clear that all minds, human and others, developed naturally to “tune-in” to this phenomenon, quite like lungs developed to use the air's oxygen to clean blood, or eyes to perceive light.

More so, it even seems that evolution is clearly the true meaning of life, and that preserving and developing life is meant to increase the means of addressing and resolving continuously more complex problems and issues.

Further, what humans refer to as happiness, results from resolving effective problems, even if only partially or temporarily. The more complex the resolved problem, the merrier. Manifestations of this fill every instant of life, one way or another.

A simple, quick, and obvious example lies in the happiness that resolving the existential consciousness problems of small, fragile, short-lived, and isolated beings, drifting in a vast and seemingly endless universe, through, for example, sharing meals with friends and/or family, love, or raising children into successful adults.

Knowledge is a fundamental cosmic phenomenon that is key to our lives, determination, and happiness. Clearly it is the focus of work, occupations, aspirations, successes, failures, and evolution.

Knowledge is our only contact with reality, including our own: our self.