Knowledge Architect/Operation/Sharing/Publishing

Document Publishing

While access control typically focuses on managing interactive access to resources, publishing is an important knowledge management and sharing operation mostly concerned with organizing, integrating, and presenting resources in documents that may or may not be managed and shared under interactive access control.

Published documents typically include two main types, according to their main authoring process approach, where, in fact, the two types are more like poles where most documents are somewhere in between, and where some may fit more closely with one or the other.

One pole may be commonly referred to as Reports, which are typically defined from resource queries, predefined layouts, embedded statistics, and automated rendering, or more “custom” or “authored” documents, which are typically more arbitrarily integrated, and usually mostly under more direct human intervention.

Yet, whatever the document type, sharing issues are similar as in all cases resources included in documents are entitlement-based, according to the authorization, classification, and entitlement assigned by the corresponding authoring resource(s).