Knowledge Architect/Basics/Architecture/Qualification


Comparing and evaluating knowledge items generates appreciations, that may be better expressed as qualities and associated to the fundamental qualification process.

Backed by the fundamental knowledge storage (e.g. accumulation, memory) and sharing (e.g. communication, exchange) processes, qualification is the main mind process.

In fact, if storage is abstracted to memory, and exchange and sharing are abstracted to communication, qualification is the only true mind process.

Of course, the qualification process is also fundamentally key to storage and retrieval, as well as to both input and output communications.

In all cases, qualities, the results of qualification (e.g. evaluation) are what minds qualify, generate, store, retrieve, and communicate in any direction.

At the bio-electrical level (e.g. in brains), qualities are mapped to neural patterns, and neural patterns are what minds compare, qualify, generate, store, and communicate. There are quite a few, continuously all over mind structures.

Qualities (e.g. evaluation results) are the basic building blocks of knowledge and it may even be interesting to note that while natural human languages have constructs like nouns, verbs, and qualities, nouns are simply a very common form of identity qualifiers (e.g. identification qualities), and verbs are simply action qualifications.

More specifically, identification is the most fundamental form of qualification.

From qualification, knowledge's primary building block, the next section somewhat further considers some of knowledge's basic natural structuring principles.