Knowledge Architect/Application/REMMS

Resource Entitlement, Modeling, Management, and Sharing (REMMS)

DNAOS (Distributed Network Application Operation Services) technology, provides effective working knowledge resource entitlement, modeling, management, and sharing services, supporting organizations, users, and subscribers. DNAOS technology and R&D also provided foundations to help define and validate REMMS standards proposals (ex: OMG (Object Management Group), StratML (ANSI/AIIM), OASIS). DNAOS technology:

  • is based on the knowledge architecture concepts and principles, briefly introduced in this overview
  • has been providing cloud-based services since 2004
  • from dedicated and scalable advanced network appliances
  • with parallel streaming content transformation pipelines
  • hosting and operating over 1000 portals, sites, and applications
  • with terabytes of distributed interactive and streaming content
  • with 100000 Web pages with entitlement-based access-control
  • with support for interactive forms including Xforms, XSLTForms, (x)HTML forms
  • with support for http, https, soap, rest, rmi, jms, and batch communication protocols and interfaces
  • with support for most IT, networking, and multimedia standards
  • with rich visual modeling administration client applications (SOA)
    • with advanced knowledge architecture based queries and editing
    • supporting dynamic visual modeling with reverse modeling
    • with built-in report engine
  • with extensive standards support
  • with XML-based internal knowledge resource representation
  • with smart layout templates
  • with support for multiple collaborating and/or independent organizations
  • with support for multiple language and localization
  • with unlimited resource, context, and authorization granularity
  • with built-in context-aware rule-based qualification
  • with dynamic "run-time" meta-data and classification
  • with extended identification support
  • with integrated time and space referencing
  • with legacy content integration and streaming
  • with distributed application development
  • with much more