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Knowlwdge from a scientific viewpoint
Definition [D]

Since, by definition [B] above, knowledge is a natural phenomenon, more closely considering the effective nature of that phenomenon is relevant, bearing in mind that other space-times may be required to get any deeper into better understanding the implications.

Evolution requires that knowledge is memorized, but where and how? Logically, it seems quite simple and obvious, maybe too obvious: knowledge is embedded in the structure of existing entities. In fact, always readily available, knowledge is the structure of existing entities, which leads to a possibly more comprehensive “scientific” definition of knowledge:

There is an infinite number of examples, but a simple case may be that to better “gather” knowledge about an Hydrogen atom or a new concept, one observes, analyses, evaluates, reconsiders, measures, tests, breaks apart, repeatedly challenging the structure of that reality, progressively evolving improved knowledge and understanding of that reality.

It may be interesting to note that the knowledge gathered from the structure of a reality is also a reality and the understanding of its structure provides further knowledge.


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