The Weakest Link: Issue

Communication is the most crucial link or element, but it is also the weakest.

The prime objective of communication is sharing knowledge, which, as introduced above brings up questions about how knowledge is to be shared, but also other fundamental questions including questions around what knowledge is to be shared, when should what be shared, and which beings should share which knowledge with which other beings, when, and how.

These questions outline the important main difference between Sharing and Giving: Entitlement (further introduced in other sections of this document).

Trying to answer and manage all of these questions, for a great number of beings, a great variety and volume of knowledge, information, information levels, and classifications, in the middle of an emergency and crisis, especially if physical communication resources are failing, can be a frustrating, expensive, inefficient, disastrous, and even a deadly nightmare.

The good thing is, that much can be done to maximize communication, collaboration, productivity, and efficiency, even in crisis and emergency situations.

Obviously, communication and knowledge sharing are not the only aspects of emergency and crisis response and preparedness, but they are pervasive and crucial in every aspect. As the weakest link, they are our focus here.

Proceeding by priority, the first obvious consideration is that adequate preparedness mitigates crisis and emergency. In fact, full preparedness means that there is no crisis. Consequently, while we will consider response aspects, we will try to first ensure preparedness.

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