Knowledge Architect/Reference/Glossary

DNAOS Knowledge Architecture Hyperlinked Glossary

This section currently provides definitions of over 300 terms related to knowledge and information architecture & management, as well as to DNAOS technology and solutions.

For each terms definition, the glossary provides hyperlinks to other definitions, for every word that is also defined in the glossary, allowing efficient navigation through the referenced terminology. If a term is used more than once in a definition, only the first instance is hyperlinked to its definition.

First created some years ago for DNAOS support, this glossary is in constant revision for knowledge architecture support. Suggestions and comments are much appreciated.

First of its kind, based on knowledge  architecture, the DNAOS Knowledge Entitlement Service platform was designed to support information and  knowledge sharing,  management,  modeling, and  entitlement.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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