Knowledge Architect/Reference/Glossary/K

The structure of reality. Knowledge is all that will ever have been known. Knowledge includes all information, whether expressed as data or not, as well as all related and relational information, including relationships like responsibility, entitlement, accountability, rights, metadata, etc. Knowledge is a fundamental cumulative natural phenomenon, responsible for evolution.

Knowledge resource structuring principle sets, as well as their application and evolution over time and/or space, including understanding, modeling, managing, transforming, and sharing information and knowledge as well as their patterns, principles, and structures.

Entitlement-based information, meta-information, knowledge, know-how, and expertise sharing. Advanced human to human computer-based communication, typically in network environments, with strong user interface, typically with interactive 3D virtual environments and metaphors, and where computers learn from their human interaction and use this knowledge to further enrich human interaction.

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