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Defining, adding, modifying, or refining  resource  qualities.

Mapping directly to neural patterns, qualities are the fundamental knowledge component. Typically represented and even defined as rule sets, qualities range from simple to sophisticated. Qualities can be atomic as a simple property or compound as nested quality collections. Knowledge resources, the fundamental knowledge management component are identified quality collections. Qualities are typically property sets that can, for example in a performance quality, include level, capability, objective, estimate, actual, formula, constraint, and other factors. Dynamic Key Indicators (DKIs) are calculated qualities. Identification, classification, and relations are fundamental qualities that typically apply to most resources as without them, we do not know what we know. Minds and computers cannot manage without identification, classification, and relation.

Queries are extraction (e.g. select) and/or transformation (e.g. modify) information resource requests. The DNAOS  resource query archetype is used for representing, managing, transforming, and persisting prepared XPATH, XQuery, and SQL based queries for reporting, extraction, and transform, for example.

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