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An activity  sequence, typically as part of a process or sub-process.

A linguistic object that refers to a resource. An expression denoting a resource, consisting of either a name or, recursively, a function term applied to a sequence of arguments, which are themselves terms. [ISO TC97/SC5/WG3 TR 9007 (1982) and ISO/IEC 24707:2007(E) inspired]

A standard business stereotype typically represented with a green background.

The gradation axis of Transformation. A measure of change.

A sorted list of activities performed by a resource, for a project, during a period

Common name for relation  object resource  links.

See Tracked Resource Qualities (TRQs).

Tracked Resource Qualities (TRQs) are tracked resource qualities or attributes defined by formula and attributes. They are common for KPIs, NFPs, QoS, and typically include attributes like estimates, goals, capabilities.

Tracking is key to integrity, accountability, responsibility, and traceability. System tracking includes default access control, operation & transaction time-stamping and logging, as well as some tracking test modes; tracking is typically performed through Tracked Resource Qualities (TRQs).

A session component used to group editing and transactional operations into a unit where either all transaction operations will be committed or none will.

Changing data to adapt it for different use or purpose, ex: statistical information can be transformed in graphs and diagrams, or contents transformed into web documents; see also Transformation and Stylesheet.

A fundamental cosmic  phenomenon responsible for time and characterized by a dual process along a single axis between two poles: chaos and structure. The two processes are entropy (2nd law of thermodynamics), through which structures are recycled through energy dissipation, thowards chaos, and evolution (neg-entropy) to build new structures and concentrate energy.
Also, in knowledge  resource management contexts, the result of a transform  operation and/or query; see also Stylesheet.

resource  classification segment (e.g. a car is a type of vehicle, where both "vehicle" and "car" contribute to classification). A basic DNAOS knowledge resource referenced by other resources for type labels and differentiation.

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