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A fact is a synonym for assertion. As an assertion, it is a statement, accepted as true based on authority or based on sufficient proof. [Sjir Nijssen 2010]

An application  resource advanced query operation that can locally or recursively 'foretrack' a relation  type, from a starting resource. Serve many purposes, it can, for example, find and retrieve everything (or subsets) that a resource can directly or indirectly (e.g. recursively) access. See also Backtrack.

A data entry web form or an XForms form, or a JSP or ASP form. DNAOS forms can be any of these and can also use and define DNAOS  GUI  components also include smart cells.

Expressed in a restricted and well defined syntax language, with clearly defined semantics based on well established logical and mathematical facts and concepts. See also Informal, Semiformal.

A defined approach to the process used to achieve the goals of the architecture, based on policy, and reflecting the requirements and expectations of the different stakeholders.

Common name for relation  subject  resource  links.

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