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A fact is a synonym for assertion. As an assertion, it is a statement, accepted as true based on authority or based on sufficient proof. [Sjir Nijssen 2010]

An applicationresource advanced query operation that can locally or recursively 'foretrack' a relationtype, from a starting resource. Serve many purposes, it can, for example, find and retrieve everything (or subsets) that a resource can directly or indirectly (e.g. recursively) access. See also Backtrack.

A data entry web form or an XForms form, or a JSP or ASP form. DNAOS forms can be any of these and can also use and define DNAOSGUIcomponents also include smart cells.

Expressed in a restricted and well defined syntax language, with clearly defined semantics based on well established logical and mathematical facts and concepts. See also Informal, Semiformal.

A defined approach to the process used to achieve the goals of the architecture, based on policy, and reflecting the requirements and expectations of the different stakeholders.

Common name for relationsubjectresourcelinks.