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A nested sphere representation of the DNAOS  Service Platform.

Share without Entitlement or constraint.

Governance is the art, science, and process (e.g. customs, policies, laws, relations, resources) of recursive modeling, execution, monitoring, directing, administration, control, transformation, and tracking of resources (e.g. organization, process), relations, and processes, to improve architecture and performance. A recurring governance theme is to ensure accountability and entitlement of contributing resources (e.g. individuals). Governance also manages (e.g. controls) process  orchestration.

Governance and architecture optimization and control.

resource  modeling, viewing, management, Entitlement, and sharing quality that sets possible detail levels, or the extent to which a resource can be broken down into or assembled from other resources. Granularity should be universal and unlimited.

Background color used for modeling  thing, place, and party, resources. Green is the second coldest primary color, and thing, place, and party resources are the second lowest business priority resource archetype.

Graphical User Interface related components and issues. DNAOS support and extend multiple user interface technologies including web/HTTP, SOA, Flash, JSP, ASP, XForms, script, XSL.

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